What is Tag in WordPress, How to Create and Use?

In one of my previous articles you I was talking about the categories in WordPress. I explained that they were and how they are created. Today I will talk about the WordPress Tags: what they are and how to create them.

What are tags for WordPress?
The labels, also called tags (in english) are words with which to describe the content of an article, in such a way that your visitors may find it very easy to find the content, for example, if you use the search engine to your website.

What are the tags of WordPress?
If you have made any move, you will be touched to pack your things in boxes, close them and put a label to remind you after that there is within each box, right?

Since WordPress tags work in exactly the same way: you are going to help identify your articles or entries for one or more specific words.

How do you create the labels of WordPress?
To create a label, you can do it in two ways:

From the Administration menu
to do this, you just need to go to -> tags and you will see a screen like this.

On the left, you will be able to write the name of the label and, by giving to “Add new tag” will go to the part of the right, where you will see an updated list of the tags that you have created and how many posts you have assigned that tag.

From the entrance of the post

the most easiest way to do this, it is directly to the area by typing the entry or post. To the right of the box with the editor, where you are going by typing in your text, you will see an option called “Tags”.

Insert label at the time you write the entry
there just type the label you want to create and click the “Add”. If you need to create multiple labels for the same item, list them separated by commas before giving to “Add”,

Modify, or delete a label

to modify or delete a label that you created earlier, you will need to return to the menu (left side) -> -> Tags . There position yourself on the label you want to operate and you will under options to edit or delete the label.

How many labels you put on?

There is no limit to the number of labels to put in an entry of WordPress and you can put all you want, but I recommend that you do not abuse them and put one or two words that clearly identify the topic of the article.

If your blog is about fashion and to all entries you put the label “fashion” you better not for nothing, because you are not identifying any article… However if you put tags that will help the reader to identify and find the article on the blog, I will thank surely, with more visits in your next articles.

You can also take a look at this video-tutorial for beginners WordPress my channel on Youtube where you explained how to do it.

Difference between categories and tags

categories should not be confused with the tags of WordPress, because they are different things, as I have been explaining throughout the article.

Continuing with the example of the move that I have set before you, the categories are the boxes where you keep the articles of a particular theme and the labels are those that hit outside the box in order to identify and be able to easily locate what’s inside the box.

Another example, it would be in an office. The documents for a particular topic would be saved inside of a cabinet (category) and to locate it, to the cabinet you would stick a label on the spine, with the word that will identify what’s inside:

In a web of recipes, for example, the category could be “meat”, and the labels that identify the articles in that category, could be: Chicken, pork, turkey, Prey…

Keep in mind that, if you do it correctly, it will be easier to locate a particular item and, therefore, your readers will find it just as easy, using the internal search engine to your website if you don’t see it with the naked eye.

What Are mandatory labels?

The answer is NO. The tags are not mandatory, but are convenient if you want to have a page optimized for SEO (search engine optimization) as for your own readers, so that they will not be lost when you log into your site and easily find the content they’re looking for.

On this subject, I recommend that you listen to this podcast SEO for Bloggers of Borja Girón (SEO) consultant, where we talk about the importance of the categories and tags for Google, but also on the way to do it correctly so as not to duplicate content and not be penalized in the search results.


Each entry that scribes, must be properly framed within a single category and labeled with that word/s that you consider descriptive/s of the content, without abusing them. This will facilitate the location of the articles by your readers and you will get some extra point in the positioning of the search engines.

Do not confuse the categories with the tags. They are two different concepts, complementary and compatible that, used properly, will give added value to your article.

How do you do it? Do you have a habit of putting tags to your posts? How Many? I look forward to your comments. Until the next article!!

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