What can you do in WordPress

looking for ideas to write a new article that might be of interest, I have found that, even today, are still doing many searches in Google on What can i do with WordPress? Today I will tell you some examples.

What Are People Asking about WordPress?

Interestingly, not only ask what they can do with WordPress, but that they also send to Google this type of questions:

How to make WordPress doesn’t seem to be a blog?
What can you do for WordPress?
What do you do with WordPress?
Make WordPress look like a web
What we can do in WordPress

What is certain is that when we read these questions today, when WordPress has met 14 years ago, I produced an enormous sadness and i wonder what is the reason for so much ignorance.

The evolution of WordPress

While it is true that in 2003, Matthew Mullenweg created a software that at that time would be to create blogs, over the years has become the content management system most used in the world: more than 76 million web pages in the world use WordPress and more than 60% of all pages that are made with a CMS decided on WordPress.

The work continued both by Automattic as hundreds of volunteers who lend their aid, so disinterested, daily to this project, has made it possible for WordPress can be used to create any type of page.

So much so that, more and more companies are looking for workers with knowledge of WordPress, since they are supposed to save costs and not have to make a great investment in hiring external services to manage their corporate pages.

Why don’t you know the benefits of WordPress?

I can think of two responses from the people still today wondering “what can I do in WordPress?

By the lack of publicity in the media

We have to remember that it is a free and open code (open source) on the WordPress.org does not derive any benefit by any user (they don’t have to pay anything to WordPress to download or use it). For this reason, to not generate benefits, nor can invest in advertising.

Here we have the handicap of the great investment they make in advertising companies like Wix, which are sold as an easy-to-use tool to create complete web pages in minutes.

The Internal confusion between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

On the other hand, continues to open the controversy on the use of the mark “WordPress” on the part of the company Automatic, marketing products under this brand and leading to a continuous and ongoing end-user confusion between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, leaving it even cast in the form of “creator of blogs”.

In this case, if this business shows a profit, but not selling software as such, whether through insertion of advertising in the sites hosted on their servers and limiting functions which are only allow to change of pay nothing.

But they say that he who made the law made the trap… and in this case it should be noted that the Foundation WordPress as automattic have the same founder: Matt Mullenweg.

It is true that Automattic intended employees to continue to collaborate in the development of the WordPress software, but because of course they also need! Not only billed for the services mentioned above, but by “premium” services of other plugins that work with WordPress (Akismet, JetPack, WooCommerce… or even a VIP program WordPress to celebrities).

Eye! I do not say that it is not lawful for this line of business, it seems to me that more successful, but it is very questionable, from my point of view, use the domain, logos and brand “WordPress.com” for these purposes.

I want everything for free”
there are also many people who invest their time, money and effort into creating a business around WordPress (by creating templates, plugins, courses, books, tutorials, consultancies…) to see the great potential of this tool and be a great growth in the coming years.

However, from a few years ago, we have reached a point where we believe with the right to get everything for free, without having to pay for it, even at times exigiendolo.

You should never forget that your time and money are worth as much as the developer who has created a product or a service.

Obviously, if you want to create a website using free templates that come by default with the software, without any type of customization, without plugins of functions and without adding any type of customization, you will end up wondering how to make WordPress doesn’t seem to be a blog?


What can I do in WordPress?
To respond to you on what you can do in WordPress, you would need to write an article, as usual my friend Gerardo Asensio in SensacionWeb, of more than 5,000 words, but I don’t have that habit, so i’ll put some examples of sites made with WordPress that will surely answer your question (confirmed with the

Spotify.com tool Builtwith): a web site that is sure to go quite often, that included in membership.
Sony Music The web of a well-known music producer.
Dome Hotel Page of a luxury hotel in Madrid
Restaurant Kechua Web of a well-known Peruvian restaurant in Madrid with online booking
Ok Official page of a prestigious daily digital
Kiss FM official website of a well known chain musical
Hospital The Miraculous Hospital in Madrid with service appointment request online
supermarkets Aldi supermarket chain
Hood Vip online shop is well known company of gift experiences chests
In short, with WordPress you can do anything (also a blog). The issue is to bring the enthusiasm and interest. Sometimes you will need a bit of investment and are not expected to give us everything done and also free of charge.

Despite the work and daily effort of Community WordPress and people who know first-hand that there are behind always, much remains to be done to disseminate all the benefits of building a site with WordPress.

On the other hand, if you are in active job search, it would be nice if you put the batteries and you’ll begin to improve your training on WordPress, because as I have said, is the future.

What do you think about everything that I have exposed in this article today?

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