How to Setup WooCommerce Chat- Learn in Simple 8 Steps

Want sell something online, something that our customers can see and touch materially, but only through photographs or videos, is quite complicated. You explained how to put a WooCommerce chat in order to resolve the doubts of your customers in real time and to secure the sale.

YITH Live Chat

There are many plugins that you can put a chat in WooCommerce, but of all the ones I have tried without a doubt I YITH Live Chat, both for its simplicity as for its efficiency and, in addition, is fully integrated with WooCommerce.

Although it is a plugin Premium, is included in the subscription to the YITH Club, so you can get it for very little money, which amortizaras quickly

your installation and configuration is really easy. Just follow these steps:

1.- Create an account on Firebase

If you don’t sounds, do not worry. This is a Google platform that provides you with an API to save and synchronize data in the cloud, in real time.

Access to FIREBASE . Sign in with your Google or GMail)
Click on “Add Project”

Type a name for your project and your country of residence. Dale to “Create Project”

in the left menu, click on the sprocket and select “Project Settings”

select “Service Accounts” section of the menu at the top of the screen
after you choose “Secrets of the Database”

in the listing, click where it says “Show”
will appear two parameters: a URL and an API key

2.- Install the plugin YITH Live Chat

For this go to the backend of WordPress

Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin
Select your hard drive the .zip file that you downloaded from the web
Activate It
Remember that if you are a Premium subscriber, you have at your disposal the WooCommerce course where you will learn a lot more.
Become a Subscriber Premium by 10€/month

3.- synchronizes the YITH Live Chat plugin

you will have created a new option on your side menu with the name YITH Plugins

Choose Live Chat
in the “General” tab, fill in the fields that you must copy of Firebase
Firebase App URL
Firebase App Secret

4.- Set Up Your Chat

now have operational different tabs that you can set up the Chat to your liking:

Messages: Where you can write the messages you want to be displayed to the client when you open the chat, when it is closed, when the operator is offline, or when busy.

Offline messages: it will allow you to set the configuration of the email you will receive when the client leaves a message through the chat because there was no operator is available.

Conversation: where you have to select if you want to receive ratings of your customer, or the ability to send a copy of the conversation to the customer.

Appearance: lets you configure the appearance of the button and chat box so that it is integrated with your commerce. Also the area of the screen where you want to display it.

Users: where you can choose the avatar and the default profile of the person who will attend the chat.

5.- Access to the chat as the operator

To access your new chat as the operator, all you have to do is to go to the backend of WordPress and search for a new option that is called YITH Live Chat.

Click on “Chat Console”

Select “Online” in the operator that has appeared on the screen.

6.- See Records

In the event that you want to view a log of the messages sent by your customers while you’ve been offline, you can also do this from

YITH Live Chat > Messages Offline

If you prefer to view the log of the Chats you can do so from

YITH Live Chat > Chat Logs

7.- canned responses

as other Yith chats, you also have the option of “canning” certain responses, which generally tend to be the most answers to customers, simply selecting it from a drop-down menu, appear in the chat, without having to retype everything.

To create them, you must go to

YITH Live Chat > Chat Macros > Add Chat Macro

8.- Customize Your name and avatar

in case you want to customize the avatar of each operator and the name that appears in the chat window, you can do it easily from the Users option > My Profile from the WordPress administration menu.

If you find it easier to see just put your suggestion in comment box..